A Temporary Home for Fido

What You Should Do Before Leaving Your Dog At A Boarding Facility

by George Van Aanholt

You've booked your big holiday vacation and made your hotel reservations, but your beloved dog will need to be left behind. If you don't have anyone who lives nearby that you trust. a dog boarding facility is the next best option. Once you've chosen a boarding kennel that will suit your needs, it's important to remember a few other things before you hit the road. Here are some tips to help ensure that your dog has a pleasant stay at the boarder's while you are gone.

Ask About Food

Find out what kind of food the dog boarding facility provides its guests. If your pet has special dietary needs or known allergies to certain types of food, you can provide the boarding kennel with food from home so your dog will be eating a safe and proper diet while you are away. If they'll allow it, ask if you can also bring your dog's food and water bowls from home. This will help bring your dog a sense of comfort while you're gone and could help encourage Fido to eat well during his stay.

Get Vaccinations Up To Date

Don't wait until the last minute to make sure your dog is up to date on shots. Most facilities require that every pet owner provides written proof of all current vaccination records. If you think you'll be gone when your dog should've been scheduled for a veterinary visit, go ahead and get it done early so you won't be left out in the cold. This also goes for any special medication your dog may need. Make sure you bring this medicine with you and provide the boarding kennel with detailed instructions for your dog's dosage.

Do A Trial Run

It's natural for pet owners to worry about their animals while they are gone. Feelings of guilt can often creep up about leaving them in an unfamiliar environment. If the boarding kennel offers doggy day care, try this out for a couple of days here and there before your vacation. You can leave your dog there for a few hours at a time or for the entire day. This will help them get familiarized with the facility, the staff, and will let your dog do a bit of sniffing around. By getting your dog more comfortable with the place you plan to leave him, the transition will be much easier for both of you. Contact a business, such as Sitting Pretty Canine Services dog boarding, for more information.